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The Time is Now to Support Parental Rights

Adapted from the CA Policy Center pledge, this statement encourages policymakers at any level of government to commit to protecting parental rights in Illinois.

In the wake of the RADICAL sex education standards implemented by Gov. Pritzker and IL democrats AND

Rep. Stava-Murray's proposed house bill 4876, the time is now to stand for parental rights.

All seated or campaigning policymakers in Illinois are invited to pledge support of parental rights.

If your current or campaigning policymaker is not yet listed as a supporter, please contact them and ask for a pledge.

Read the Pledge

Adapted from the CA Policy Institute, this pledge may be signed by any
sitting or campaigning politician at any level of government.
This document is not legally binding.



*POLITICIANS ONLY* Sign the pledge
by uploading official signed statement of pledge
or send email from elected office email or campaign email address to stating your support. 
We encourage candidates to take a photo of their signed pledge to share on social media.

Listed signatures will hyperlink to the elected office/candidate site of
all supporters. 
Upload Signed Pledge

Thanks for pledging support!



All seated and/or campaigning politicians in Illinois are invited to pledge support.
This list serves as a snapshot for the Illinois constituency as to who publicly supports parental rights.
Thanks to all who are committed to this very important effo
Please consider making an anonymous donation to support this advocacy.

Names are listed as pledges are received.
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