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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

2:00 pm Meet at Lincoln Statue
2:15 pm Caravan Walk-About from Lincoln Statue
3pm Remarks at Lincoln Statue
4:45pm Departure
(The IL State Fair is hosting various events throughout the week! Several groups plan to check out the fun and make a full day or overnight trip)

The LINCOLN STATUE (reserved)
at the Springfield, Illinois Capitol - please read the visitor rules here

Submit the registration form to get the latest event updates/announcements. 

American flags, group banners, and messaging posters are encouraged. All materials should be family-friendly and respectful. All items are to be held in hand; NO affixing to any structure or to capitol property . Bring water and check the weather for temp/conditions. Civil conduct only; no unlawful or disorderly conduct will be tolerated. Communities can meet up as a caravan at your closest on-ramp or set point to start the journey to Springfield.  Take pics and video and post with #ILcaravan22

CURRENT MEET UP LOCATIONS Tuesday, August 16, 2022:
Some vehicles will meet at set locations before continuing to Springfield.
Please add your meet up location at this link and the list will update. 
Wally's, 1 Holiday Road, Pontiac, IL 61764, 9:45am Cars Depart


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Who is Invited?

Any and all grassroots group, parental rights advocates, and pro-constitution citizens. Groups from outside IL are also welcome.  After years of government overreach and an Illinois General Assembly that has let Governor Pritzker rule by tyranny, We the People, are a united force. Whether you are a small community group or a larger statewide effort, we will restore IL together.  See Coalition Groups listed below. 

What is the goal?

This event will symbolize that regular people are THE voice in Illinois. Many of us are feeling like political orphans in the wake of harmful pandemic policies, anti-child agendas, and woke ideologies led by democrats and barely fought by weak republicans. The time is now to ensure a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Our children cannot advocate for themselves, so we must take a stand for them. The General Election is November 8, 2022. Wherever you fall in the political spectrum, join us as Americans who have HOPE for Illinois and the future of our country. 

How will we convey the message?

This event will be a RESPECTFUL and professional display of thought leaders and advocates. Anyone displaying contrary behavior will be asked to detach from the caravan. From testimony to inspirational calls to action, this will be an illustration of the HOPE we have the Land of Lincoln. All signage must be carried; no affixing to any part of capitol grounds is allowed. Invitations will be send to select political candidates who have championed liberty, due process, and parental rights.

What are the main issues?

Parental Rights

Sex Ed/Gender Ideology

Education Freedom

Safe Communities/Crime

Government Overreach/Smaller Government

Modernized Infrastructure


Why the "Common Sense Caravan"?

To solve the biggest problems plaguing Illinois merely takes COMMON SENSE. We invite state and local leadership to bring HOPE to Illinois by working alongside the coalition on reasonable solutions that will protect children, make for safer communities, promote parental rights, improve educational outcomes, reduce government bloat, and modernize our state infrastructure.  

Coalition Groups & Sponsors

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